My dating with Swiss Frank

Everyting was supposed to be so great. Me and Frank S. were apporaching gradually and although I still remained a bit distrustful towards his strict, Swiss rules, and boring stability, I decided to join him for good for the following months. Me and frank. My Polish salary and Swiss spendings.

franki 2And then, when it seemed that our common life is already well planned, on one cold January morning frank decided to cheat on me. And not just with anybody. This ungrateful lady, Banque Nationale Suisse* decided to free him and ruin the lives of not only a few hundred thousand frankish credit owners in Poland in Europe. Within few hours stable and boring frank costing 3,5 PLN jumped to over 4,5 PLN, and my hard-earned Polish salary, which was supposed to be meticulously spend in Switzerland, lost almost one third of its value. And everybody started to question: Why? Warum? Perche? Pourquoi? Why have you done it to us (me!!!), frank? Who cared to unpeg fixed frank price to euro? The Swiss stock exchange was getting crazy with the drops, local export value decreased few billions and the Swiss were as much surprised by the decision of their “La banque” as the rest of the world.

The answer came unfailingly from my better, Swiss other half – well, Switzerland just got bored to make a constant loss to the frank price. La Banque decided that the market wil stay alive without her help and needs no more to support it with her funds. What an ugrateful mistress.

After this decision my relations with frank stopped being so intimate. Frank’s behaviour was regularly and up-to-date commented in press and on TV, and I kept hearing muted voiced behind my back: Oww… that’s the girl that has a SWISS boyfriend.

Even at work, glancing at my dynamically growing personal-family situation I heard during a meeting (financial, of course): You know, regarding the circumstances, you should call you baby born son FRANK.

And who dares to say now that Switzerland is boring?

*National Bank od Switzerland or Schweizerische Nationalbank do not sound dramatically enough in this story of betrayal. Alternatively, I can blaim also Banca Nazionale Svizzera for the unpleasant surprise (cause it’s also “LA her”, not “IL him”), but who would trust a bank written in Italian.

Ps. The Swiss are really kidders. After some time, when the emotions elapsed a bit, they advertise cheap holidays in Europe thanks to the “Euro sale”. LOL,very funny.



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