Sechselauten or Love Parade in Zurich

April in Switzerland is fun. You can always hear from your Swiss half a revealing:

Rainbow colours – that was correct

Next time we are in Zurich we will go and see Zexelightee.

And what’s that?

Well, it’s like a street parade. You will see.

Out of my very few memories of highschool German language I caught Leute, meaning people. Sexy leute are sexy people. Wow! How cool. There is a love parade for Easter! In Zurich! Yes, yes, yes, the Swiss know how to have fun, they have love parade just like in Berlin! How cool, even in Warsaw it’s boring, cause most of people come to protest against the parade rather than to manifest something by techno or house music.

When I asked for the forth time when this love parade was gonna be, my multilanguage swiss half finally got it: It’s not Sexyleute, but SECHSELAUTEN. Meaning what? Well, a street parade.

P1020302The parade – that was correct. The rest – well, not really… Although the clothes were quite sexy, such frivolous feathers on hats. Probably, because it’s still rather cold in April, the participants wore sexy medieval garments. Maybe next year there will be more leather and latex. There is music and it’s much better than in Berlin, cause LIVE. There are vehical platforms too, and confetti and sweets (although children throw them so it’s not exactly love parade standard), and beside that there are sexy bakers distribuing warm brioches and the gardeners offering sinful apples. Berlin doesn’t have it all, for sure.
P1020299Even more, it turned out that was not the Germans who invented sexy parades, cause the Swiss had their own one since the Middle Ages. Even more, it was organized on the occasion of… fixed working hours in summer period. Really, that’s a reason to celebrate.

I don’t know if in Berlin there is a tradition to sink somethink or somebody during a love parade. We – Poles – like to drown a strow-effigy majanna in order to chase out winter. In Zurich, on the other hand, they like to set a fire to a snowman. Because, as the reality shows, snowmen are usually hard to be burnt, the sechse-one is fed with explosives and set alight at the main square. Everybody impatiently waits till its poor head blows up. The sooner, the better. It seems that long-term weather forecasts are weak everywhere and it’s better to stick to more traditional ways of planning summer holidays.
P1020291If anyone wanted very badly to to dress up a sexy craftmanship garmet and blow a trumpet – no chance, forget about it. The Zurichians entrenched in tradition and do not allow any strangers to take part in the parade. You have to be a real citizen born and bred, not a fake newcomer. Everywhere in the world the fate of Aliens is the same.




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