Romantic Saint Morris

The Swiss are said to be one of the happiest nations in the world. The recipe is simple: they don’t expect too much and content themselves with what they have at their middle-luxurious level. Don’t claim too much and you will not be dissapointed too much –then, you are satisfied. Probably that’s why in the rank of 12 most romantic small towns in Europe prepared by a widely read traveller and World of Wanderlust’s blogger, Brooke Savard, swiss St. Moritz took seventh place. Not too high, not too low – just to make every happy. Probably Brooke didn’t want to pamper the Swiss too much to avoid them feeling sick of happiness. What’s important to notice, in this rank there are two cities from Poland. In the fifth place – as sport commentators usually call it  “good, satisfying position” – there is Wroclaw. And close to be out of fame – in the 11th place there is Gdansk. I’m not sure, though, if Wroclaw and Gdansk merit with their megalomania to be called “towns”. After all, they both have football stadiums built for Euro 2012, and St. Moritz has null – but it doesn’t matter. Let’s be happy, just like the Swiss.
St. Moritz is next to Davos the most famous ski resort: cute, lovely and generally so much oww oww ahh that it must be paid a lot for this love. Don’t expect to survive a week on food cans and we gonna make it somehow attitude: it’s classy (and cashy) top resort.
Although “Let it by all and sundry foreign nations be known that Poles speak not Anserine but have mountains of their own*”, there are generally three groups skiing in Poland: A) those from the mountais, cause they have a nice place to ski close around; B) those from Cracow, as it’s not far away to the mountains; C) those from Warsaw, as everybody in Warsaw is a snob and should ski, ride a hourse, play golf or at least tennis. Ok, from time to time it happens to meet a kamikaze on a suiside route from Gdank to Zakopane. It’s not a skier anymore, it’s a maniac. Probably it would be closer to the mountains by swimmimg over Baltic Sea straight north to Sweden.
My all-sport-doing Swiss half chose lovely St. Moritz for our first ski holidays adventure, probably fearing a bit if my Warsaw snobism is enough for top quality slopes. No worry – it was just as adequate as it should be. There are so many ski routes, that we were skiing from here till there:

and since it was still before official season opening, half of slopes were still in deep non-existence of snowcat. You must swallow bitter pill of a daily ticket for around 75 Frank – but it’s worth it. Without a shadow of jealousy I must honestly admit it was the best place in my skiing life.
It behooves me to write down that St. Moritz itself is most charming and most lovely, covered with snow and flashing lights, but let’s face it. It’s cliche – OF COURSE it’s cool. It’s St. Moritz, after all.

What else can you do before/after/insted of skiing? We didn’t manage to bring back home black buttocks, as the boobsleigh track was still closed (it was before the season opening, after all) and it is said to be worth. But we managed to boil them in hot spring spa overlooking the Alps and later on to visit a local museum with everything traditional that local nerds collected from the neighbourhood. So sweet. And cute. After all, it’s St. Moritz.

If I were Brooke Savard and wrote popular blog about visiting the world (the smarty girl has already been to more than 50 countries) I would write abound charming beauty (after all, it’s St. Moritz) of a fifty-star Kempinsky or Carlton hotels. I will omit the fact, they didn’y invite me for a free stay, as we found a much better alternative. In Switzerland almost everybody has a friend or a family member who has a friend, or a friend who knows somebody from his family who has a friend who owns an appartment for rent in one of cute ski towns. The only thing you have to do is to find this friend and you may fraternize with Saint Morris at apres-ski for quite a reasonable price.

*Let it by all and sundry foreign nations be known that Poles speak not Anserine but a tongue of their own – famous quotation of Mikolaj Rej, the first Polish author to write exclusively in the Polish language instead of Latin (XVI century)

If anyone is sceptical how cute and lovely St. Morriz is, there you go:

a live cam


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