Sprightly grandpa a la Suisse

dziarski dziadek
Sprightly Granpa in aerodynamic tunnel Flyspot. The photo is from SG’ Facebook profile.

I just adore Sprightly Grandpa. Antoni Huczynski is kind of man you can’t resist to love. After 90 he is in better form than most of youngsters, he wrote a book “My way for a long life”, he’s got his profile on Facebook, his Youtube channel with excercises in natural environment. He is often invited to TV Good Morning shows and recently even “Men’s Health” wrote an article about him. A real lumberjack*. And what’s even more important – sprightly grandpa is a real granpda of my highschool friend, Magda! It’s almost as if he was my own grandpa, you can’t deny it. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen Magda very often since we finished highschool 19 years ago, but recently we met accidently in a bike bar somewhere in the middle of forest in my area – it must have been the gens. Bike, forest, the same district – they all equal to MY SPRIGHTLY GRANDPA.

Sprightly Swiss grandma. The difference between grandmas and grandpas is usually red lipstic

I don’t have any grandpa in Switzerland, but I could adopt one – the choice of sprightly grandpas and grandmas is quite big. For the first time I was impressed by a triangle of pensioners wearing tight-fitting bike costumes and riding MTB at the top of Furka Pass (2436 m).

How did they get there? Our full-cool-option-4×4-car has hardly managed to climb and I would be tired of just walking duh- watching! But in the green Alps land grandmas exchange mohair beret for helmets and viciously knit complexes for a 30-year-old girls from Poland.

Later on it turned out the trinity I saw wasn’t a single case. In Switzerland seniors ARE in much better condition than in Poland. They do sport not on the occasion of good-weather-holiday and one-week-ski-season, but everyday. Bikes, walking, ski, cross-country skis. And in Poland – yeah, that’s the fault of climat. Bad weather, pitiful socialcare, long cues to see a doctor, a-year-waiting-cry to go to SPA mixed up with 24h Virgin Mary Polish Mum, sofa-TV dressing and I-dont’t-have-time-to-take-care-of me, I-have-kids/ I-need- to-make-my-living give the results. It’s hard to see a fit senior in Poland. But Sprightly Grandpa also used to say that. And he pulled himself together after being 70, so move on your asses, ladies and gentlemen!

Ticino (18)

*lumberjack – according to 2014 slang he is an alternative to metrosexual man.

For those, who just fell in love with Polish Sprightly Grandpa: www.dziarskidziadek.pl

And Sprightly Grandpa on Facebook Dziarski Dziadek na Facebooku


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