About me

Straight from a corporate world in Warsaw, Poland onto the laps of Swiss green Alps and Bern Oberland. I start new life adventure with my Polish-Swiss other half, discovering how a “boring and steady” Switzerland can be fun, when we take it with a pinch of salt.

I would like to invite you to share my journey on the bright and dark sides of Helvetians. To discover, what delights and what is ennoying for a foreigner – a Polish girl. In what they surpass us, and what they can envy us.

What will be the balance of mutual relations? Enjoy it with me by sipping every morning a coffee with cheese, or a piece of chocolate.

And of course, I know we all already love Switzerland, but to stay tuned, click “follow” somewhere on this page. You have to find it yourself, cause I don’t know how to place a shortcut button here. Good luck!

Knock, knock! I will be very happy if once for a while you also say something to me and leave your comment.



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  1. cyberhuskey says:

    I like the idea of a “foreigner” writing about Switzerland. Have you ever played with the idea of including stories about other countries in your blog?


    1. blankaleg says:

      I’m 100% foreigner in Switzerland πŸ™‚ I live here since a year, and this blog is about my swiss life. Even the title says so πŸ™‚ no, I haven’t think about other countries, i don’t know them so well. And as you can see, I don’t have much time to write my blog in English, either. the Polish one is much reacher


  2. sparkyjen says:

    Hi Blanka…glad there’s something here for us Americans to read. I would be happy to read Polish if I could. I know some Spanish, which makes sense. I suspect it might also be time to learn some Chinese or Japanese too. Typically, you get interested in knowing more of what you are exposed to on a daily basis. The thing I like about blogging is I get to learn more on a universal level. You being from Switzerland is interesting to me. I hope you will update once and while on this blog, because for me, it would be very much appreciated!


    1. blankaleg says:

      thanx a lot Jen! I also do hope to come back to my English version


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